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The Secret of Anubis, The Winter Triangle

UPDATED 17. februar 2011

Karima Lachtane

Karima Lachtane is a Danish author, with a great passion for life and history. With many different educational skills in her back pocket, she is clearly a unique researcher. Her spin on things is always philosophic and tend to serve a higher purpose. She uses visuals to explain her thoughts, and she does not exclude anything or anyone, all angles are usually present in some form or the other. Even more interesting is the fact that she is able to use a language that everyone would understand.


From: Alex Whitaker, 11 Feburary 2011

Well, I have just finished a second reading of your book... and I have to say, it left me feeling as though I had just read something profound... Thanks..!

You have touched on an extremely old science... and very credibly I think. Your approach is refreshing and balanced, while at the same time daring to step into the unknown on occassion. As you are no doubt aware, you are walking in the footsteps of several great people who have gone before you.. 

You are absolutley right, I think, in saying that the Hieroglyphs are multi-layered in their interpretation, and that for too long, people have relied on the earlier (primitive) interpretations. I congratulate you (rightly or wrongly) for having the courage and conviction (let alone the multi-disciplinary knowledge) to achieve such a concise study in what is still a mine-field of conjecture and speculation normally reserved for the 'PhD's'.. The way you have related Hieroglyphs, Astronomy and Mythology together is just fantastic.. and mirrors several of my own ideas...

The work has been brilliantly researched... and shows you to be astute in the way you look at things.. (Just because we are told something, it doesnt make it a fact).. I just want more... !

Your critique of the symbology and interpretation of astronomical representations (planets, constellations etc).. is quite convincing.. I am also reminded of the 'war of the Gods' in Indian mythology.. Im really impressed with your open interpretation of Hieroglyphs. As you say, there is still much to learn..

Karima, I cant praise you highly enough ..your work is artistic.. unique.. and therefore important.. 


AUC Press - The American University in Cairo Press said;

Interesting topic and Impressive research!


Tehuti Research Foundation;
From: Moustafa Gadalla, 10 November 2008

The book "The Secret of Anubis: The Winter Triangle" shows the passion and talent of the author. The book sheds some interesting light on the subject of astronomy/astrology in Ancient Egypt. There is a lack of good writing available today on this subject, and Karima's work is a necessary step in this process of enlightening the world in this area.


DORRANCE Publishing Co Inc;
From: Jean Wahlborg,
2 April 2008

Karima Lachtane's "The Secret of Anubis, The Winter Triangle" is a treatise that 
investigates how the ancient Egyptians viewed the heavens.

At the age of twenty-seven, the author worked as a tour leader between Luxor and Aswan 
in Egypt. Always interested in astrology, she studied it in Denmark and continued with 
her fascination with ancient cultures. This work examines the winter hexagon, also 
referred to as the winter triangle, and how the constellations Canis Major and Canis 
Minor that form it may have a direct link to the god Anubis in ancient Egyptian religion.
Evidence in the Dendara Temple implies that this connection, which was popularized by 
the Greeks, is an ancient one.

When the Greeks moved into Egypt, they did not destroy the temples of the Egyptians. 
On the Contrary, Alexander the Great respected the science and arts of the Egyptians.
Even in the middle ages, astronomy and astrology was built on the symbolism and 
observations of the Egyptians, one of the greatest civilizations in history.

This work contains an in-depth discussion of the gods and goddesses in ancient Egyptian
religion, and how their presence was used by Egyptians to explain the world around 
them, including the stars in the heavens. Monks and later scientists used the compilation 
of Egyptian understanding of the heavens to demonstrate how astronomy can be viewed.

This fascinating work is exhaustively researched, and notes at the end of "The Secret of 
Anubis, The Winter Triangle" offer further elucidation of this complex topic. karima
Lachtane's considerable knowledge of the subject is evident throughout, and she uses a 
clear style to present her hypothesis. Anyone who has marveled at the mysteries of the 
stars or has an interest in ancient Egyptian religion should find this work engrossing.

Karima has both lived and worked in Egypt, Luxor

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