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Thank you very much for this very informative eZine, I did not know anything about the god Heka or the goddess Heket. I did not know that there existed such a depth behind the religious system of the old Egyptians. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, and then FREE! Thank you.

Michael D. Jensen

Date: 23 October 2013
From: Karima Lachtane

This short FREE eZine provides you with a quick overview of the topic of Ancient Egyptian Magic. With the relevant information at your hand, you will be able to see the remarkable and very obvious knowledge of Magic in the land of Ancient Egypt.

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For the first time you will see pictures of the basic behind Egyptian Magic, which was the basic for their resurrection ritual. Each prayer was embedded with Magic, with this eZine you will read how.

There are many fundamentals behind the ancient knowledge, and only few see the complete connection between their religion and their level of Magic. 

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There is a direct parallel between the Ancient conception of Magic and the more modern religions, This short eZine will quickly reveal some of the parallels for you.

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